Meet Kobe and Ometo


My name is Kobe. I am a turtle from Planet T, a gigantic planet, full of turtles hooked onto their shells for virtual reality, nestled right in a tri-solar system at the edge of Milky Way galaxy. I came to Earth to run.

I write this blog with Ometo, a rabbit from Planet R, a comparatively smaller planet, full of alcoholic and artistically talented rabbits. Ometo’s on her daily 2-hr meditation routine now, so I will keep this quiet and crisp short!

We opened this blog for two purposes.

1) To encourage and help you to run and meditate with more joy.

2) Introduce few of our guerrilla art projects and challenge you to do one or more of your own (we will fund your project!).

Little more specifically,

How I, despite huge shell on my back (which I got rid of few years ago) and my chronic disease of making everything a competition (which is common on my home planet), went to Kenya (where best human runners hang out together) and learned to enjoy running.

How Ometo, a hyperactive rabbit, learned to sit for more than 5 minutes (planet record for sitting had been 4 minutes and 10 seconds, achieved by a stoic rabbit who lived by himself in a cave for 10 years for it).

How we like to do art projects to make people pause and hopefully, be in awe. Projects that make people curious and kind, at least for a microsecond.

So, please join us for some running and meditation.
And if you dare, take up on our challenge to do your own guerilla projects.

Together, we will make someone else’s day, one at a time.


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