Myth1: “Just go for a run”

FYI… RORWFTTS(Ramblings On Running While Flying Through The Space)


I met John, a total stranger, last night at a floating bar on the moon of Jupiter and he started telling me about how miserable his first golf experience on Mars was yesterday.

“You know, it was… miserable man. My buddies told me, ‘You just come out with us and swing dude. You will hit it right after couple of swings and you will have a time full of merriness.’ But no, I DID NOT have a time full of merriness. Even after 100 swings, I was not hitting the ball right, and I got so frustrated that I started kicking the ball with my shoes, and I got better scores that way.”

I looked at him intently and told him.

“That sounds like our ancestors who used to tell someone, ‘Just go out and run.’ Can you believe that we were that sort of dumb dumbs?”


And we cheered to the nothingness of Jupiter and chugged our garlic infused Kombucha.

Yeah, above story is completely fictional. But, looking at how Elon Musk is crushing it with Tesla, SpaceX, and Peter Diamandis is about to be mining rare minerals from flying asteroids, I think humanity might survive the doom of climate change and play golf on Mars someday in the future.

And I guarantee you that they will have above conversation. Well, some geeky ones will, I guess.

I mean, have you heard of anyone telling you about golf,

‘You just grab a swing and take a hit at the ball, just until you get it right.’?

If you have, I think you should sceram “IDIOT!!” and run away, cuz s/he’s got that rare virus that will make you good at nothing.

You don’t just swing golf clubs hoping to hit it right.
You don’t just take your free-kick hoping to bend it like Beckham.
You don’t just go out into the desert, without any preparation, and hope to survive.
You don’t ‘just program’ softwares.
You don’t ‘just do math.’
You don’t just wake up on the morning of marathon and hope to run the whole thing (it’s very possible to run the whole thing, but your body will be in a pain you could have never imagined for a looong time).
Yes, ‘just do it’ is a great start. It gets you off the couch. It gets your blood going.

But there comes a point, rather sooner than later, where you need to look back on your progress, rectify your approaches, and leap onto another level with a structure and a routine that puts your closer to your desired result, be it joy of running, distance you want to run, or your goal time in a race.

Yes, I do have a problem with ‘Just go out and run’ approach, for every runner.

Whether you are a runner who runs for its awe or a serious runner with a specific time goal, I don’t think yo should just go out and run. It’s the most unresponsible, terrible advice you could give to anyone for running.

Would you advise your friend Chuck, who is a couch-potato and has never run more than 10 seconds in his life, except his dash to toilets sometimes, to just go out and run?

Would you guess that Mo Farah or Kenyans just go out for a run?

Legendary Prefontaine didn’t, and you shouldn’t.

Just going out for a run does not produce joy of running consistently, nor
does it produce outcomes you desire.

Find out two simple things you need to know before going out for a run, whether you are a beginner or a serious runner in my next post.


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