Dinner for your mind tonight: Imagination or consumption

I live in Korea, where internet speed is reaching nearly 1GB/sec.

That’s a HD movie right in front of you in less than 2 seconds.

It makes consuming contents and information crafted by other people so easy. Grab your phone, swipe, touch, swipe, touch, swipe.

But constantly feeding mind with information that had been already filtered by other people can make your mind dull and reactive.

What’s really in front of us – a man hurriedly rushing to catch a train, a child skipping to his home, a mom kindly looking at her babies – might seem boring and ordinary. Where your mind wanders to when it is not attending to anything, could be chaotic and so random. But from simply observing seemingly ordinary and boring moments or giving your mind some space, curiosity kicks in with a phrase: ‘What if…?’

And you start imagining ideas and different worlds. You start crafting your own stories that might trigger positive and warm waves in people’s lives and trying them.

And I think that is pretty exciting and fun.




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